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I sported the Indian and the magic.

Saurabh began his interest in magic when … um, Saurabh is the one writing this.  Let’s be real.

After fourteen years of enduring paper cuts from the edges of playing cards, I have transformed a hobby into a passion.  At twenty-four, I sit in front of my bathroom mirror with a deck of cards and stare into my own eyes, reemerging fourteen years younger.

At ten years old, I performed my first card trick, which my grandmother ruined.  She knew how it was done.  I went back to the bathroom mirror to practice, and three years later, I emerged with facial hair and a complete magic routine.  This time I performed inside my “theater” (my living room) with a six person “audience” (my family).  Nothing could get me down.  At least not yet.

“Hi!  I’m Saurabh the Sorcerer!” I had just learned about alliteration and was excited to use it.  That was all that went smoothly during the show.  I could not find the selected card, the coin did not disappear and my magic box was not so magical.

Before I discovered the art of magic, a typical day of elementary school involved muttering a few words through a closed mouth and no eye contact.  This changed when I watched David Copperfield fly across the stage in a TV magic special; I wanted the magic he created between his hands (and the gorgeous girls he had linked to his arms).  The fire in me had been sparked; I began fiddling with cards, performed in front of family and took trips to the magic shop to buy the coolest gadgets.  Most “aspiring” magicians stop at that point.  I did not.

The fiddling led to never leaving home without a deck of cards, the performing extended to anyone that would watch and the trips to the magic shop became weekly.  I was addicted.  I slowly watched in my mirror as the cards, coins and cups took on a life of their own.  I was no longer performing tricks; I was performing magic.

Continuing through high school and college, I performed professionally at restaurants, birthdays, weddings and the occasional bar mitzvah.  The first words that came out of strangers’ mouths were, “Show me a trick.”  I showed them a miracle.  Their reactions were [censored], testifying that I had amazed them.  Confidently engaging large audiences, I began finding the card, the coin disappeared, and I no longer needed a magic box.

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The mustache is almost as good as the card fans.

Card Hawaiian shirts are super cool.

Card Hawaiian shirts are super cool.

I started as a member of the Magic Castle Junior Program at fourteen, and have since graduated to a Regular Member.  After performing for more than a decade, I have showcased this talent globally to a large client list.  Most importantly, my passion has changed the shy Saurabh into a supernatural sorcerer.  I go back to my warehouse (the bathroom mirror) and ask, “Magic mirror on the wall, will I still be the card-flinging, reflection-staring, alliteration-daring, sorcerer of them all?

It answers, “ShahMagically.”

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