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Strolling Sorcery

You won’t want to blink as you’re dazzled by some top-notch sleight-of-hand. More importantly, as I create a personal show for each small group, your guests constantly interact with each other as the magic happens with them, making your event more special. Strolling Sorcery is perfect when there is a big group of people mingling in little groups, such as wedding receptions, cocktail parties, or any corporate or private event to create the same intimate experience as Close-Up Conjuring, but with a larger group.

Surprised faces (2)

Close Up Conjuring

You won’t believe as I make dollar bills, finger rings, coins, and cards transform, float, disappear and reappear right in front of your eyes in this 30 to 45 minute show. You and your guests will participate in the magic, creating a special hands-on, interactive experience.  Heads will shake in amazement. Usually performed in a small space such as a living room, Close-Up Conjuring is perfect for a group of two to thirty. Your guests will leave your party excited and long remember your event!


Stand-up Shenanigans

You’ll forget that you need to go to the bathroom as I control a puppet to read your mind, vanishes various objects only to find them in the most impossible of locations, and manipulates cards in this 45 minute stage show.  Your guests will be spellbound and captivated in this combination of magic, music, and comedy. Stand-Up Shenanigans is ideal for larger gatherings and can be customized for your corporate banquet or any event.

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